Glossed Epistles of St Paul

Epistolae Pauli Glossatae (O.5.8) – a late 12th century glossed Epistles of Paul – is a recent addition to our list of virtual manuscripts. It is one of 11 manuscripts of the Epistles of Paul held by the Wren Library; the dates of which range from the 8th century (see B.10.5) to the 14th century (see B.4.1). M. R. James described O.5.8 as ‘exquisitely written and finely ornamented’ and we recommend that you see it for yourself. With 25 lines of text and 50 of gloss to a full page, there are numerous gilded initials with gorgeous interlaced work featuring beasts and figures. O.5.8 also resembles the glossed Gospels from St Alban’s in B.5.3.

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