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A wonderful, festive post by the MusicCB3 blog , mentioning the Trinity Carol Roll (MS O.3.58).

MusiCB3 Blog

Illustration from A Christmas Carol. S727.d.84.2 Illustration from A Christmas Carol. S727.d.84.2

A few weeks ago I was trying to sort out the blogging rota. As the MusiCB3 bloggers headed off for their Christmas breaks I was left with the Yuletide blog that will take us into the New Year. I thought I knew exactly what I was going to blog about – something festive, perhaps traditional Christmas music in East Anglia? You’d think it would be easy – after all there were plenty of collections of traditional folksongs dating from Victorian times into the twentieth century, but to my growing frustration I discovered that most of the collections came from the west of England. There seemed to be nothing from the east…

And then purely by chance I found J.A. Fuller-Maitland’s English carols of the fifteenth century. These aren’t just any carols, they are one of the earliest and best sources of English carols…

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