The Wren Digital Library and Creative Commons

Manuscript of musical notation
‘Deo gracias Anglia!’ or the ‘Agincourt Carol’. O.3.58

We are excited to announce an new development for the Wren Digital Library. We have made the decision to license our images under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, meaning that anyone is welcome to share images from the James Catalogue for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the source of the images.*

Digitised medieval manuscripts are now licensed for non-commercial sharing and reuse.
Our digitised medieval manuscripts are now licensed for non-commercial sharing and reuse.

This is simply the latest in a series of improvements being made to the James Catalogue online. On this blog we have already featured the addition of the new donor search feature, but readers may not have noticed that library staff have also been busy measuring the manuscripts and restructuring the pages to be a bit easier to navigate with a tab system. We are continually looking for ways to improve access to our digitised manuscripts and welcome any comments or suggestions at

As always, anyone wishing to publish images from our collections should please contact the library to arrange for permission. Many thanks to all of our readers for your continued support of this exciting project.

The staff of Trinity College Library, Cambridge

*Note: Our preferred form of credit is, “Copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge”, but we understand that this is not always possible on sites such as Twitter, so a link to the catalogue and/or a reference to Trinity College Library are perfectly acceptable.