Photograph of the Month: Constance Jones


Emily Elizabeth Constance Jones (1848-1922) was an English philosopher and educator who worked on logic and ethics and who studied with the Trinity fellow, Henry Sidgwick. The photograph was taken around the time of the publication of her major monograph, A New Law of Thought and its Logical Bearings (1911). She was a contemporary of the Trinity philosophers, Bertrand Russell and G. E. Moore and is the first woman recorded as having delivered a paper to the Cambridge University Moral Sciences Club, a philosophy discussion group founded in 1878. Jones’ paper was delivered on 1st December 1899 in rooms at Trinity College. On this occasion the meeting was chaired by Sidgwick who was a prominent campaigner for the admittance of women to higher education and a co-founder of Newnham College. Jones herself became Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge from 1903 until her retirement in 1916.