New Look Webpages

We have redesigned the Digital James Catalogue website to enhance user experience. All of the functions you are accustomed to – a simple keyword search and more detailed searches such as by century or donor – are still present, but we have simplified the layout. The search results also show a thumbnail image for all digitised material.

There are now two ways to view the manuscript: View Digital Copy or Open in Mirador (if you wish to use the features described below). The new digital viewer has collapsible metadata panel (on the right) from which you can also navigate back to the catalogue record and a collapsible panel of thumbnail content (on the left) to allow for quicker navigation through the manuscript.

A new feature is that the viewer now allows you to browse the entire manuscript contents on one screen (by clicking the four square symbol on the top right).


The digital images are also iiiF compliant. The International Image Interoperability Framework is an advanced interactive system that allows users to view, compare, manipulate and annotate images. You will be able, for example, to select different images from the Wren Digital Library and view them alongside each other.


To do this simply view your chosen manuscript using the ‘Open in Mirador’ button. Then use the ‘Add Item’ feature in the right hand box to select another manuscript from our collection. If you want to compare more than two manuscripts click on the four square symbol to the right of the shelfmark to add more slots.

You can also view our manuscripts alongside those from other digital libraries. Anywhere you see the iiif logo you can drag and drop into Mirador.  You will need to drag to the tab or window where you have Mirador open and then drop the link down into the viewing slot (illustrated below).

Mirador also allows you to annotate manuscripts (using the speech bubble symbol on the left of the screen). These annotations will be saved locally on your own computer and will not be visible to other users.

We will continue to add new material to the catalogue during the coming year.